Hi! I’m Hero Bean Stevenson, the creator and host of the All Of Us podcast. 


All Of Us is an exploration and celebration of mental health through honest conversation. Join me as I speak with friends new and old, field professionals, and everyone in between on a journey toward destigmatizing discussion around the world of issues that we deal with everyday. The ethos behind each episode is rooted in the undeniable truth that, in one way or another, it's not just you or me going through something, it's all of us. 



Six years ago, during my freshman year at Barnard College in New York, I began experiencing severe bouts of anxiety and depression which ultimately led  to the development of an eating disorder that completely changed the course of my young life. By the end of the year, my fast declining physical and mental health left me with no choice but to put school on pause  and move home to Los Angeles. 


I was dumbfounded as to how I  had veered so suddenly in an unforeseen and dangerous direction,  and even more so, how little control I felt over any of it. I was completely lost at sea, and knew I was being kept there by the self-isolation that my eating disorder so strongly abetted. Exhausted and desperate,  I came to accept the fact that what I was dealing with was much too powerful to overcome on my own. It was at this point that I made the decision to actively dedicate myself to recovery, and that began by reaching outwards. Over the next several  years, I sought guidance from various doctors, therapists, and friends - all of whom supported  and guided me in respectively  unique ways. Ultimately, I noticed that there was something profoundly healing that each interaction brought me, regardless of the caliber of information being offered. It was the simple act of connecting over something very real and the extraordinary relief of honest conversation after years of concealing my truth. It was finally realizing that struggling with mental health is a process to be radically embraced.


With warmth and love,